GeneralPosted on 07.06.2019

All you need to know about your Performance Score

Performance Score is part of your overall ‘performance profile’ on Just Eat, which you can easily find on Partner Centre. This score gives you an overall summary of your business, showing your strengths and making it easier to spot areas for improvement.

Your Performance Score is presented as a number out of 100, and it ‘s built by two separate scores:

Orders Score

(Total out of 50) – Measures the volume of your restaurant’s weekly orders.

Customer Experience Score

(Total out of 50) – Measures the quality of the customer experience provided, based on a number of key metrics:

– Customer Repeat Rate (how many customers come back and order again from your restaurant over 60 days)
– Rejected orders
– Orders with added time
– On Its Way’ %

Order Score and Customer Experience Score combined make up your Performance Score. This is  clearly shown on Partner Centre, as per the below example:

How to improve your Performance Score

There are some immediate actions you can take to improve your Performance Score. Some handy tips are set out below:

– ‘On Its way’ notifications
Press ‘On its way’ with every delivery that leaves your kitchen. Sending ‘on its way’ notifications not only lets hungry customers know that their food is out for delivery, it also reduces the number of calls you may get after an order has gone out for delivery.

– Orders with added time
When expected delivery time is increased, customers are more likely to give negative ratings and less likely to return to your restaurant. But, there is a way round this – simply log on to Partner Centre and update the ‘minimum order time’. This will let customers know how busy you are and help you to avoid adding time.

– Rejected orders
Our data estimates that one rejected order leads to an additional five more orders being lost over the year. Keeping track of rejected orders makes it easier to reduce that number in the future. You can view your rejected orders on your homepage in the Partner Centre.

– Customer repeat rate
The Customer repeat rate measures the percentage of customers who return to your restaurant within 60 days of last ordering. This takes into account all aspects of your operation – from food quality and temperature to delivery time, customer service, and so on. To boost your Customer repeat rate, you should do more of what you are best at – cooking delicious food and providing exceptional customer service.

Visit Partner Centre to check your Performance Score