GeneralPosted on 13.12.2017

Important updates to our Restaurant Partner Agreement

Important updates to our Restaurant Partner Agreement.

As a valued Just Eat restaurant partner, our promise to you is to always add value to your business.
We do this by continually investing in the latest technology to help grow your business, building a brand to drive more customers to your restaurant, helping to make your working life easier, and providing the best experience for your customers.

To ensure that we continue to deliver this level of service to you, while also meeting the ever growing expectations of customers, we are making a change to how customers are billed for their Just Eat orders.

A new 50 cent service charge will now apply to all orders placed by customers. This service charge reflects the benefits of ordering through Just Eat for all customers.

Our charge to you remains unchanged and will continue to be called out as an Administration Fee and will be clearly identified on your Just Eat invoice. Our charge to customers will be applied to every order, appearing as a Service Charge on their receipt. You will collect this service charge on our behalf from each customer who places a cash order (Section 9).

If you have your own EPOS system, please update it to reflect the Service Charge on all orders before it becomes effective on 15th January 2018.

This change is included in your new Restaurant Partner Agreement which you can view here. This was also posted directly to you along with a letter outlining other important changes, some of which are listed below. These will become effective as of 15th January 2018.

• Changes in legal requirements related to customer data (sections 13.3 and 13.4)
• Clarification and addition of certain charges, in particular:
– JE has the right, acting reasonably, to charge restaurants for inappropriate use of SIM cards (section 4.5)
– JE has the right, acting reasonably, to invoice for costs incurred as a result of customer complaints (section 5.8)
– JE may charge for additional services where costs are notified to restaurants separately (section 8.2)
– JE may withhold amounts from restaurant payments in respect of credit card chargebacks (and related costs);   costs likely to be incurred from a restaurant’s breach of the restaurant agreement; or if required by a competent   regulatory authority (section 11.4).
• The 50 cent Card Fee previously charged to customers for online payments will no longer apply.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us at: or telephone 01-5136071 (between 12pm and 9pm).

Thank you for your continued support.