NewsPosted on 25.04.2018

Important: A new way to contact customers

There may be times where you need to contact your customers.  So you’ll need to know about an important change to the way that your restaurant and delivery drivers contact customers by telephone.

Very soon we’ll be providing you with a single phone number that can be used to reach ALL your customers. We’re doing this to comply withnew EU regulations concerning data privacy.  

Here’s how it will work.

Every order you receive will show the same phone number at the bottom of the receipt. Should you need to contact the customer, you (or your drivers) will need to:

1. Dial the customer phone number shown at the bottom of the receipt

2. Enter the Just Eat order number… (e.g. “501365389”) found near the top of the receipt…

3. …followed by the “#” (hash) sign


An Orderpad receipt:

Once your call is connected, the customer will see a Caller ID number which they can use to call you (or your drivers) for up to 6 hours after the accepted delivery time.

Please note, after six hours the order number will expire and it will no longer be possible to contact the customer using their Order number. To contact customers after this six-hour window has closed, you will need to contact Just Eat Customer Care.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this change happen?

We will be rolling out this new process across the entire country over the coming weeks. Make sure you keep an eye out for the change to the phone system when you call the number.

Can I opt out of this new process?

This new process will be applied to all of our partner restaurants, so opt out isn’t an option.

Why is Just Eat doing this?

It is a legal requirement that we must follow. The EU passed legislation in 2016 called the General Data Protection Regulation which will go live this May. This is designed to protect the privacy of all customer data, including their telephone numbers.  While Just Eat operates in a number of countries outside the EU, we have chosen to implement this change in all countries that use the core Just Eat technology platform.

Will the phone number always be the same?

For now, yes. However this is new technology and if we do have to change it in the future, we will let you know. Therefore, we recommend that you and your drivers save it in your phone for speed and ease.

What do I do if I need to know the customer’s phone number?

This process is designed to ensure you can still talk to your customers and get their delivery out to them.  If you can’t get connected via the new number and order number, please contact Just Eat.

Does this change apply to customers too?

When you contact the customer through this new  process, they will not see your number or your driver’s, so it will apply to both parties to ensure that  the right data is’ hidden’.

However, we will continue to display your restaurant’s phone number on the Just Eat app, receipt  and website, so customers can still call you directly if they wish.