NewsPosted on 29.04.2019

Local Legends Launches in Ireland

Local Legend is our way of recognising and thanking the most epic restaurants on Just Eat.

When you become a Local Legend, it shows that you’re one of the best on your high street and, as such, you deserve even greater benefits that make people much more likely to order and re-order from you.  

When you reach the Local Legend status, you will get:

-The Local Legend badge next to your restaurant listing so that everyone will know that you’re one of the best restaurants in the area.

-A Just Eat ranking boost for your menu to be seen by even more people.

Local Legends launches in Ireland

-20% off on the Just Eat  Shop. Use the discount as many times as you wish and you’ll get the 20% discount on top of other offers too. The savings soon add up.

-Free online menu changes. Save even more money when you have to request menu changes on Just Eat.

To be welcomed to the Local Legend programme, you need to have achieved the following targets for 2 quarters (6 months):

Once you have achieved this you will automatically become a Local Legend and we will let you know by email. You can always keep an eye on your performance here on Partner Centre.

Click on the sections below for tips and information on how to achieve and maintain your Local Legend status.

Your Order Score

This score, calculated by Just Eat, reflects the volume of your kitchen’s weekly orders. The more orders you receive, and the more frequently the same customers order from you, the higher your Order Score will be.

To improve your Order Score, think about how you can make a customer’s order and delivery experience better; consider using Orderpad to send delivery notification or run special offers at busy times to encourage orders from both new and repeat customers.

Your Customer Experience Score

This score is calculated by Just Eat and reflects the experience you provide to your customers and their satisfaction with your food and service. It is made up of a number of elements

‘On Its Way’

Using ‘On Its Way’ notifications is an easy way to improve the delivery experience for your customers, or try adding a small surprise to their order for an easy way to promote good reviews.

Orders with added time

Adding time to orders drags down your customer experience score. People don’t like to be kept waiting for their takeaway. If you’re too busy, simply log on to Partner Centre and update your ‘minimum order time’. This lets customers know your kitchen is busy and that delivery will take a little longer, helping to manage their expectations.

Alternatively, reduce the size of your delivery area temporarily until you’ve caught up with all your orders.

Rejected orders

Try not to reject any incoming orders, and if you get too busy make sure you take your restaurant temporarily offline until you are able to catch up.

Keeping track of rejected orders makes it easier to reduce that number in the future. You can view your rejected orders on your homepage in the Partner Centre.

Customer repeat rate

The Customer repeat rate measures the percentage of customers who return to your restaurant within 60 days of last ordering. This takes into account all aspects of your operation – from food quality and temperature to delivery time, customer service, and so on. To boost your Customer repeat rate, you should do more of what you are best at – cooking delicious food and providing exceptional customer service.

On It’s Way

Make sure your drivers are pressing ‘On Its Way’ for every delivery that leaves your kitchen. This sends customers a notification which will also reduce the number of customer calls to your restaurant as they know where their food is.Please note: To remain on the Local Legend programme you’ll need to hit ‘On its Way’ for a minimum of 60% of all your Just Eat orders.

Please note: All Local Legends are assessed on a quarterly basis. If you fail to achieve the required criteria you will receive a warning email. If you miss criteria 2 quarters in a row you will be suspended from the programme immediately, losing the benefits associated with your account and immediately reverting to the normal Just Eat rate for any applicable services.

For full terms and conditions, please click here.