Marketing CampaignsPosted on 16.04.2014

Marketing Update April

Spring has been a busy time here in Just Eat and we’ve been buzzing around spreading Just Eat love with new and EGG-citing marketing campaigns in the lead up to both Mother’s day and Easter.

Mother’s Day March 2014

#Instamam campaign began in the run up to Mother’s day. Campaign designed to ask sons and daughters what they love best about their mums.  Voucher giveaways of €1000 for the campaign.

Easter Campaign April 2014

#HappyEater campaign began on Monday 7th April and is ongoing.  Was designed to engage our customers on social media and give away some cool prizes in the run up to Easter.  Specifically we are giving away chocolate eggs, JUST EAT vouchers and chocolate pizzas. in support of these campaigns with had lots of interaction on Twitter, Facebook with an increase in both followers and likes and our blog.

Homepage take over’s of &

New iOS7 App

Now with added circles! Lovely, flat circles of iOS 7 style takeaway goodness.

Yes indeedy, the new and improved JUST EAT app gives you plenty of iOS 7 interaction style love. Our Chefs have been busy fixing the old skeuomorphic designs and have used their best rolling pin to make sure they’re flat. Like a pizza. See how much we like this new design style? It’s like a takeaway, but UXier.

OK, so that whole bit with the rolling pins didn’t actually happen – except in our dreams after we’d eaten way too much cheese! What really happened was our UX team slaved away in Photoshop removing gradient filters to make an awesome new flatcentric experience for you all to enjoy.

So, all together now.. “Yay flatness!”

General News

Brand new offer mails have started going out highlighting JUST EAT Deals in local areas throughout the week – find out more on this from your local Area Sales Manager on how Just Eat Deals can benefit your business here.