Our ServicesPosted on 25.02.2020

Increase your orders with Promoted Placement

With Promoted Placement you’ll appear as a ‘Promoted’ restaurant and be among the top 5 search results on Just Eat in your chosen postcodes.

Benefits for your business:

  • More eyes on your menu
    Pick the postcodes you want to promote your restaurant in when customers search in your area

  • Choose how much you pay
    Set a budget – this is the maximum you’re willing to spend. You’ll only pay if a customer clicks on your menu

  • Track your performance
    You’ll get monthly emails so you can see exactly how Promoted Placement is working for you

How to get started:

Check you’re eligible: your restaurant has a minimum Customer Experience Score of 30 to be on Promoted Placement

Pick the areas where you want to increase your visibility

Set a budget:this is the maximum amount you want to spend per week on Promoted Placement

Pay only for the results you get:you will be charged only if a customer clicks on your menu

Getting a lot of clicks? Great! We’ll inform to let you know when you’re about to run out of budget. You can give us a call and adjust your budget so that you can keep your top spot. 

To purchase Top Placement you’ll need:

  • A minimum Customer Experience Score of 30

Ready to buy? Need more info?

Email: top.placement@just-eat.ie 

Coming soon… For the time being, you will be able to buy, renew and top up your budget over the phone with our consultants. We are currently working on a  solution that will allow you to manage Promoted Placement directly from Partner Centre. Keep your eyes peeled for more communications.