Our ServicesPosted on 09.06.2020

Ranking Parameters

The main ranking parameters that we use on the Just Eat Order Channel (which are the main factors that we use to determine the order and prominence in which restaurants and goods appear in search results in response to a Customer's search) are:

(a)   paid for sponsorships. If you pay for sponsorship, it will improve your Restaurant's ranking in those search results. You can request via the Partner Centre that we contact you to discuss paid for sponsorships;

(b)   whether we provide Delivery Services for a restaurant; and

(c)  our own general ranking of a restaurant, based on analysing a combination of its 'Bad Order Rate' (the number of Orders rejected when a restaurant is online), rejected Order incidents, and Reviews (which together make up an overall "performance score").

These parameters don't specifically take into account the characteristics of your Goods. 

We may also award a restaurant 'local legend' badge / status, which is visible to Customers. This is awarded by us based on analysing Order volume, performance score, and food hygiene rating – a minimal threshold across all of these must be met, and 'local legend' status is awarded/removed/assessed each quarter.

These terms form part of your Agreement with us. Capitalised words in the Agreement have the same meaning here.

Note to Restaurant Partners: we are currently waiting for formal guidelines to be published by the European Commission on how to best explain how ranking parameters operate, so we may provide further updates to this page as required in due course to ensure we are fully transparent with you in respect of our ranking parameters.