Our ServicesPosted on 18.02.2020

Restaurant Self Serve Offers now available on Partner Centre

At Just Eat, we continuously invest in new product features in order to provide you, our restaurant partners, with easy to use marketing tools, to help drive profitable orders & delight customers.

With that in mind, we are delighted to introduce Self Serve “Offers”’.

This enables Restaurant Partners to easily create and manage their own restaurant funded offers via the Partner Centre.

Accessing the Offers (self serve)

Restaurant Partners can access the ‘Offers’ dashboard via the Partner Centre under the ‘Your Restaurant’ tab


Creating a new offer

Click on the ‘+ Add offer’ button and follow the instructions to create a new offer.




  • Newly created offers will now run for the entire day(s) rather than providing the option to timebox an offer.

  • Newly created offers will run until they are actively deleted. We’ve removed the option to set an expiry date

Deleting an offer


What about existing offers?

All changes relate to NEW offers being created only. Any existing offers will continue to run as created.

  • If an existing offer had a qualifying order value of €9.99 - This price will remain, and the price will be reflected on the offers dashboard.

  • If an existing offer was created to run from 17:00-23:00 only - This window will remain and the time will be reflected on the offers dashboard

  • If an existing offer has an expiry date - Then the expiry date would remain will be reflected on the offers dashboard

What’s next?

What out for the introduction of additional new offer types in 2020!