InformationPosted on 01.01.2018

Become a Local Legend

As a Just Eat Local Legend, you can take advantage of some amazing extras and benefits available.

We monitor partners every month to ensure current Local Legends continue to hit the required criteria. To become a Local Legend or to stay on the programme, we’ve put together a helpful, simple guide to all the criteria you need to consistently meet.

Don’t forget, continually underperforming on any of these may put your Local Legend status at risk, so read on and find out how to stay on top.

Keeping your Partner Performance at 60 or above
Your Performance Score is really important. It’s made up of five key measurements and in order to maintain Legend status it should remain above 60 . The five you need to know about are:

Order volume
Customer ratings
‘On its way’ notifications
Orders with added time
Rejected orders

Increase your reorder rate
Get your customers coming back for more. In order to maintain Legend status you must have a high repeat customer order rate in your postcode (in the top 20%).
You can do this by creating customer offers on Partner Centre (perhaps offering discounts when people spend over a certain amount) and ensuring you and your drivers’ customer service is rock solid. You can also surprise and delight customers by adding a little extra in their order, like a can of coke or a complimentary side.

Tap ‘On Its Way’ to let customers know their food has been dispatched
Make sure you’re tapping ‘On it’s Way’ just as the food leaves the restaurant. It’s super important, because once you’re a Local Legend you’ve got to hit On its Way on at least 70% of all orders.

Don’t forget, you could benefit from enhanced savings of Just Eat merchandise and services including a higher Just Eat ranking, a new badge and priority support.

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