InformationPosted on 04.12.2019

Just Eat Partners Exclusively with KitchTech

Just Eat has partnered with Ireland’s leading provider of affordable and scalable compliance software solutions to the food industry, KitchTech. Read more about the partnership and the benefits you can gain by joining.

What is KitchTech?

KitchTech is a paperless app that streamlines food safety & HACCP compliance in commercial kitchens.

Just Eat has partnered with KitchTech to help promote & encourage high standards in food safety and to make life easier for you, our restaurant partners.

What’s in it for us?

As a Just Eat Restaurant Partner, you will be entitled to a reduced monthly KitchTech fee of only €25 per month!

KitchTech enables the digitization of HACCP to streamline food safety and compliance in your commercial kitchen.

Here are some of the great ways it can make your life easier:

• All forms in one place
• Eliminates Paperwork
• All you need is a smartphone or tablet (this can be supplied by KitchTech)
• Remote Access
• Managers/Owners can check in from their own smartphone remotely
• Notifications
• Notifications and emails to prompt users to complete and approve forms.

Just Eat OFFER: Just Eat Restaurant Partners will receive a €5 discount on monthly fee.

Please note that there is a once off set up KitchTech fee of €110 which includes the cost of the tablet.

If you would like to find out more and have a member of the KitchTech team contact you for a demonstration, please sign up HERE.

For more information, please see HERE.