InformationPosted on 14.05.2019

Understand and identify allergens. Your business could depend on it.

Many people in Ireland have a food allergy or intolerance, and for some that allergy can result in a life threatening reaction. It’s vital that clear and accurate advice is available to your customers at all times. Equally as important; staff need to know their stuff too, when a customer calls with a query.

Make sure you provide up-to-date training for your staff.

It needs to be relevant to the food you are serving and the processes you are following.

Menu briefings should always consider allergy management.

Keep the subject in the forefront of your teams’ minds at all times

Work with your food suppliers and conduct regular checks.

Make sure you know the ingredients that go into the food on your menu.

Even a simple swap of one ingredient for another brand could mean you need to change your allergen information.

Help your customers

See that your staff understand the importance of checking the allergen content of dishes each and every time they get a query.

Ensure that there are no barriers to customers communicating their allergies.

Don’t risk prosecution

Should a customer have a severe allergic reaction and the allergen has not been listed, you may be prosecuted.

Saying that you ‘did not know’ is not good enough in the eyes of the law.

Need more advice and guidance?

There’s a lot of excellent, free resources, e-training and easy-to-understand information on the FSAI’s website.