InformationPosted on 07.12.2020

Update your festive opening hours!

What are your festive opening hours?

Just Eat will show your Restaurant as closed from Christmas Eve at 6pm until Stephen’s Day at 10am, when we will automatically reopen you.

So, if you wish to stay closed on Stephen’s Day or have any different hours for the festive period, you’ll need to go onto Partner Centre and amend your opening hours for each individual day. If you don’t change your opening hours you’ll be shown as open from 10am on Stephen’s  Day. 

How to check or amend your hours

Are your restaurant’s opening hours for delivery and collection shown correctly on your Just Eat listing?

You can amend your opening hours easily in Partner Centre by following these steps:

1. Log in to Partner Centre

Visit or via the app

2. Click on 'Your Restaurant'

This can be found on the burger bar menu in the top left hand of screen on mobiles

3. Click on 'edit' at the top of the screen to update either your delivery or collection times by selecting the correct tab. 


You will need to update delivery and collection hours separately. 


You can then change your ‘start’ and ‘end’ times as well for lunch or evening hours.


Note: If you update your collection hours, this will NOT also update your delivery hours. 



4. You’re all set.

 Once all your edits have been made, select 'Save' and your restaurant profile will be updated with the new hours.

Please note. The times you set are ordering times and when you will be shown to be open on Just Eat. You may need to factor in preparation time for food for collection.


For example, if you want the last collection from your restaurant to be at 10pm and your food takes on average 45 minutes to prepare, you would need to set your collection order time to close at 9.15pm.


When managing your opening and closing hours you also have the opportunity to close your restaurant for the day by ticking the relevant box.

Make sure you double check before clicking ‘Save’ to avoid any mistakes.